Computer Vision

Face Detection, Recognition and more

Our computer vision services include applications in the area of person detection, face detection and optional face recognition. The other area is custom object detection. 

We can provide solutions in the following fields. Tell us which one fulfils your requirements.

a) Community area security. Warning when some stranger found in area.

b) Home security. Alert when any know/unknown person found in someone's garden or backyard for example at 2 o'clock in night.

c) Automatic attendance system using a mounted camera in classroom.

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Custom Object Detection and Classification

We provide services for Computer Vision using state of the art Neural Networks. Whether you want to smart deep learning based AI solution for person detection, face detection, face recognition, emotion detection, gender and age detection or custom object detection, just contact us for further discussion. 

We believe in customer satisfaction. We do all the best to understand your custom object recognition or other computer vision base project requirements and provide you the best possible system. We can also integrate any new computer vision system to your existing business systems like CRM and ERP.

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