The latest improvements in Computer Vision and AI allows to add an extra security layer on top of your existing CCTV surveillance network. Usually CCTV networks are dependent on humans. Security officers keep looking at various camera feeds at a time. This is sometimes get boring. They can even sleep and you do not know about that. What can you do? Appoint more people to keep an eye on your security officers? It does not sound great.

Automatic Monitoring

Here comes AI. With Computer Vision you can keep an eye important things, items and events. Best of all you can even get realtime alerts if something goes wrong.

Monitoring Staff

For example, you can put a camera to monitor your staff. Are they on their seats? Are they sleeping? Using mobile phone for how much time? Get a summary at the day end. If their job is critical you can even set alerts for such events.

Monitoring Visitors

Who is coming to factory? office? shop? Get a summary of faces at the end. Isn't it great?

Watch sensitive places

You can watch important areas at your place. For example, your factory gate. An intelligent system can automatically record video clips whenever the get is open. You can see quickly in a few minutes the whole day activity of vehicles coming in and going out of your factory. No need to watch 24/7 while still be assured of nothing goes out of factory for whatever reasons without your permission.

Have a peace of mind with an automatic AI powered extra layer of security with Computer Vision.

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