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Consider this

Suppose you have no security camera at your home. You are living in a peaceful area and that is Great. But sometimes you feel the need of security when you are going away.

Here comes our Web Watchman service. We call it "HOLOO Watchman" Just put your old model smart phone in your home where you want. Open monitoring web page from our website and that's it.

  • No App installation is required.
  • No difficult setups.
  • No IP address need to be remembered.
  • No port forwarding required
  • No expensive router needed
  • Your home wifi or mobile internet connection is fine.
  • Very low internet usage.

How it Works

It simply works out of the box. No setups required. Just do the following:

  • First you register on our website. That is free and quick. Easy login via facebook or Google is available.
  • Load our HOLOO Watchman page in your phone browser.
  • Place your phone at your desired place and go away from camera range.
  • Press 'Start Monitoring' button on control page on our website.

Now, it will keep monitoring the place. If something gets changed in front of your mobile phone camera, it will send you an email. You can configure an alert sound on your other phone on receiving of alert email. 


Monitoring for first 10 hours is free. For more, you can buy an hours package of your choice.

More information

You can email us at support@everlive.net for more information and launching date of this service.





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