Our computer vision services include applications in the area of person detection, face detection and optional face recognition. The other area is custom object detection. 

We can provide solutions in the following fields. Tell us which one fulfils your requirements.

a) Community area security. Warning when some stranger found in area.

b) Home security. Alert when any know/unknown person found in someone's garden or backyard for example at 2 o'clock in night.

c) Automatic attendance system using a mounted camera in classroom.

d) Alerting staff as a regular/highly paying customer/guest enters in a store or hotel. This can be very useful for hotels which has multiple branches across the globe.

Similarly our custom object recognition software can be used in many industries including but not limited to;

a) Super markets for cart entry by customers. This can give you the benefits of HR cost reduction and way faster checkouts. Of course this will reduce queues on checkout counters.

b) Monitoring via Drone. This is also a wide area where we can provide multiple solutions. Monitoring land and construction sites. Bridges and other fixed structures monitoring via drones and inspection by using our object detection software for any faults or anomalies. 

c) Medical imaging. Monitoring X-Rays and more.

Business Surveillance Systems

We provide SMART and INTELLIGENT Camera systems which can recognize persons and more... The system can even recognize people by their faces. Who is coming in? Is he a known person? Is it his proper time to come? Why an employee is coming on Sunday when factory is closed?

Get real time alerts via email, SMS and more.

Keep an eye on everything that is important to you. An intelligent AI based system. You will like it.

Home Security System

Don't buy a dumb old security camera system. Our smart camera system can alert you if somebody enters your house even if you are not watching your camera streams.

Ordinary security camera systems are not much useful while you sleep. Our smart camera system can detect if a person enters your home even while you sleep. It can alert you too.

Great for Closed/Available for Sale Real Estate

Our intelligent camera systems work as your watchman. It works 24x7. 365 days a year. Never sleeps. Peace of mind for you. Sometimes vacant properties become the target of intruders. Be smart, avoid this.

High Performance Face Attendance System

High performance face attendance system without traditional face attendance machines. Great for large industries who have hundreds or even thousands of employees.

Now your employees do not need to stand against a face attendance or biometric or finger print attendance machine. We provide high performance systems to mark your employees' attendance while they are entering your factory or office premises.

Partners Required 

Marketing/Sales partners are required from all over the world. If you are interested to know more, just contact us.

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