Last Visited Links Menu is a Joomla! plugin from EverLive.net to automatically display a number of last visited links by a Joomla administrator. The default number of links is 15 but you can change it in plugin parameters. 

  • Links are added in Joomla Admin Navigation menu
  • By look and feel, it looks like a Joomla native feature
  • Standard version is freeNo complex settings are required
  • Just install and it works out of the box.

Features Comparison

  • Standard Version
  • Price: Free
  • Quick and Easy Last Visited Links Menu
  • Pro Version
  • £ 19
  • Last Visited Links Menu
  • Custom Links Menu
  • You can add as many custom links as you want
  • Unlimited nested levels
  • Just one-click to add current page link to custom links menu
  • Easy one-click custom link removal

Screenshots (Standard Version)

Last Visited Links Menu in Joomla backend:

Joomla admin last visited links menu 

Screenshots (Pro Version)

Last Visited Links and Custom Links menus are both available

Joomla admin pro - Last Visited and Custom Links



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