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Create Responsive Popups for Joomla

EV Easy Modal is a Joomla extension that allows easy and quick creation of beautiful modal popups. No need to learn difficult javascript & JQuery libraries. Simple and Effective.

Demo Link - Free Version - NON Responsive

A Simple Popup on Page Load
This is a simple example of a popup. You can enter any HTML content of your choice and it will be shown on page load. In free version, you can only make non-responsive popups. Please check PRO version demos for responsive popups.

Demo Links - PRO Version - Responsive

Pro - Example One - On page load
With Pro version, you get 4 extra styles. You can select one of your choice. In special tags, you can write css and javascript also. Unlike the demos below, this popup is shown as a 'fixed' div. 

Pro - Example Two - On page load
You have more data sources available other than HTML. This video is shown using an IFRAME. You can specify a URL to fetch content directly, select a Joomla article to show in popup or use a textarea field to bypass all restrictions of WYSIWYG editor.

Pro - Example Three - On page load 
This is a custom HTML Popup with custom styles defined in the popup html itself using <style> tag. That's why this popup showing a completely different style than our website template. Another thing. This popup can only be closed using the button inside the popup. We wrote
in onclick attribute of this button to give you an idea. Your are not limited and can use your advanced knowledge inside popup html.

Open Popup on Click of a Link or Menu Item- Example Four
Instead of showing popup on page load, this example shows you a separate page with a link to show the popup.

Pro - Example Five - Fixed Popup - On page load
This popup is similar to above example three but has a fixed position.


How to use

  • Install the extension
  • Create a Popup. There are various options in Popup details screen. Pro Version has more powerful options.
  • See your popup in frontend on page load.

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Last Visited Links Menu

Last Visited Links Menu is a Joomla! plugin from to automatically display a number of last visited links by a Joomla administrator. The default number of links is 15 but you can change it in plugin parameters. 

- Links are added in Joomla Admin Navigation menu.
- By look and feel, it looks like a Joomla native feature.
- Standard version is free
- No complex settings are required.
- Just install and it works out of the box.

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Heartbeat for Google Analytics

Just £ 19 - Buy Now

Heartbeat for Google Analytics is a Joomla plugin to give you a correct image of Bounce Rate and Visitors' time spent on your website.

Many SEO experts believe that a high bounce rate is a killer for your Google Search Rankings. Do you see a high bounce rate in your Google Analytics?

High Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

This can happen because of a very simple reason. Google Analytics calculates the Time On Site based on the length of time between a user entering your site and their last page view. This won't give you the REAL Time on Site and Bounce Rate stats.

Worst case scenario

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Undo After Save - for Joomla

This plugin solves a usability issue in Joomla backend. While you are editing Joomla articles in backend, when you click save, the pages gets reloaded. Now, you cannot use Ctrl-Z to undo any previous changes. We made it for our own use and we liked it a lot. So we decided to share it with Joomla community. Hope you like it.


When editing long articles, we feel the need to save our hard work while continue the editing. With core Joomla, when you click 'Save', you cannot undo any previous changes. This plugin is a simple and easy solution to this problem. With EV Super Undo, now you can undo any changes even after you clicked 'Save'.

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Hosting Performance Checker

Is your host giving enough power to your website? 

Is page creation on your server fast enough?

Is your host network connections are fast and reliable to deliver your website data to your visitors?

Why this plugin?

This plugin provides an easier way to quickly judge the performance of your web hosting company. And to keep an eye on that. With easy to use data display supported by responsive charts makes it the need of every website.

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Joomla Admin from Front-end

Joomla! admin from front end is a Joomla plugin that brings your administration back-end in an easy to use overlay in front-end. What you need to do is as follows:

  • Download the plugin and install
  • Logout from Joomla Back-end
  • Login to Joomla Front-end as Admin or Super Admin
  • Move mouse to top right corner in front-end of your website. Voila! You see your Joomla admin in front-end.

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