You can use our Joomla or WordPress plugin to provide Live Visual Search web app to your website visitors. They can point their Camera to any object they want to search and with one click they can find the similar products on their favorite shopping websites.

Note: You do not need to have an eCommerce website. No need of Virtuemart or WooCommerce installed. This web app searches the objects you focus with your mobile phone camera on big shopping sites. If you need Visual Search for your own website eCommerce products, we have other solution for that.

See live demo here;


Get API Key

To get an API Key, please give us an email at support@everlive.net containing the following info:

* Your Website URL where you want to add our Visual Search Web App.

* How do you plan to monetize it?

a) Ads
b) Affiliate marketing. Do you want to add your affiliate id to products returned by the Visual Search?
c) Both
d) None

* Do you want to add any specific website in search options? Amazon.com? eBay.com? Etsy.com? Zappos.com etc.?

Any other information, discussion or questions are welcome. We will try to provide you an API Key as soon as possible.

Download Plugin

If you did not find our WordPress plugin or Joomla plugin in extension repositories, just email us to get the plugin.





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